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Why you need Enterprise Mode Site List Manager (Redirect IE11 in Microsoft Edge Tab)

Up next, IE11sites.xml for security and user comfort As we all know, IE11 is dead. Not seex feet under yet, but we’ll get thereThis post will happen soon, it’s said to be rainy the upcoming days, so… ARRRRRGH

FSLOGIX instead of UPM, but do it proper/basic

What I am giving you here is links to well known people in the EUC, so you can decide yourself on what to do with your FSLOGIX profiles. For me, a general problem with FSLOGIX is profile growth. You can take care of that with some basic settings and files, but don’t too much –…
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Howto solve Microsoft Edge taking massive CPU in Citrix Desktop

If you happen to be like me and want to get rid of Chrome asap, check the point below for any Citrix environment to make sure your dekstop does not explode (CPU-wise) My reason to be still sort of an early adopter for my usual careful self is: to have one headache less and be…
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Howto help users register for MFA and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Easy, show em this.At least 60% of your staff can do it on their own -> they can download Apps on their smartphones and register for them, they WhatsApp and Facebook like Pro’s, watch Netflix on their TVs and so on… Common, they just play stupid so you do it for themGive everybody a cupcake…
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Howto fix «No Remote Desktop Licensing Server available»

But it used to work fine up until yesterday, panicmode starts setting in, i need to rollout this new release they want on their Citrix Cloud Desktop, and i can’t stand to work over this friggin lagging ConsoleSession in the vCenter This might help, or does it?https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows-server/remote/remote-desktop-services/troubleshoot/rdp-error-general-troubleshooting—-Wasn’t there something with a grace period or something,…
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Howto enable Microsoft Teams for your tenant ?

You just can’t find this switch to enable Microsoft Teams for your tenant. This is frustrating, you know there is a switch, because you have enabled Teams for several of your customers tenant before, but where is it ? Did they move it to Teams Admin Portal and i missed it ? Did i disable…
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