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The story behind BIFF and the name of the site is obviously a reference to the movie series “BACK TO THE FUTURE). I found it kind of funny to bring back/forward? a dinosaur into our time with modern workplaces and let him do crazy stuff (skate a hooverboard for example)
The idea is to develop BIFF with the blogs and let a designer on fivver create several more funny pictures (if you don’t know it yet, fivver is a cool platform to find artists/designers which create logos, social media stuff and so on for affordable prices)
IF you like what you find on this site and want to show a little support, you could go on my paypallink below and sponsor an image. you would definitely be mentioned and remembered here. Find below some ideas, or contact me if you want something special drawen up with your donation


BIFF taking pictures at conventions like MS Ignite or Citrix Synergy
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If you want to see BIFF drawing up some reference architectures on a whiteboard with his teeny tiny arms
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Does BIFF work in an office or at home, what kind of device does he use, ThinClient, Notebook or maybe he still rocks an old typewriter ?
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BIFF is going deep undercover, hacking, TOR-browsing and generally being a badass

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