FSLOGIX instead of UPM, but do it proper/basic

FSLOGIX instead of UPM, but do it proper/basic

What I am giving you here is links to well known people in the EUC, so you can decide yourself on what to do with your FSLOGIX profiles.
For me, a general problem with FSLOGIX is profile growth. You can take care of that with some basic settings and files, but don’t too much – or you’ll break things

Some of the links are:

  • Jim Moyle, VHDX ProfileShrink Script
  • Aaron Parker, Redirections.xml (as known in UPM) – don’t do too much
    And remember:
    There is Profile/VHDX now
    And there is data (Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures) – so, either use Office365 and OneDrive Redirection or use oldschool FolderRedirections for the data part – you dont want to open up VHDX’s and recover userdata everytime some legacytool or old printerdriver or something breaks a profile (Still happens from time to time)
  • Christian Brinkhoof, Explanation in depth
  • Microsoft Teams, proper installation (somehow connected, additional post planned)
  • FSLOGIX download (If you have RDS CALs, you’re licensed)


If you haven’t rolled out FSLOGIX yet, try it. You’ll never go back to UPM

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