Howto enable Microsoft Teams for your tenant ?

Howto enable Microsoft Teams for your tenant ?

You just can’t find this switch to enable Microsoft Teams for your tenant. This is frustrating, you know there is a switch, because you have enabled Teams for several of your customers tenant before, but where is it ?

  • Did they move it to Teams Admin Portal and i missed it ?
  • Did i disable the Teams Enterprise Application in Azure Active Directory or Endpoint Management ?
  • Did i mess up with Office 365 licensing, and have Teams disabled within the assigned licenses ?
  • Is it somehow configured within conditional access and the message just doesn’t state the correct reason for not working ?
  • I checked everything in the Microsoft Blogs and Q&A, and it still does not work

Where do i enable teams for my tenant ?

Then switch admincenter to legacymode !!!

If you find find yourself in this postion that you just cannot get teams to work for your tenant and you have tried everything, just try switching your Admin Portal back to legacy mode (NOT NEW Admin Center) and you’ll find the magic switch again

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